Cuckolding story

80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 04

by Gary

08/12/2016 06:50 in oral

Endowed 80 year old Neighbor and newlywed bride Part 4

I woke up consumed with lust and with a burning desire to please and fuck his enormous cock again. I was crazed with lust, crazed with lust for him. Looking through all the sexy items I selected a sinful white bustier that came down to my stomach and had long garter straps attached. The bra part was transparent and highlighted my tiny, pink nipples perfectly. There was a matching transparent white thong that looked sinful on my small ass.

I selected a pair of tan color thigh high stockings, and a pair of brown open toed high heel pumps. After putting on the thong and garter set I attached the lace tops of the stockings to the garter clasps. I felt so naughty looking at myself in the mirror and as I stepped into my pumps. I was surprised that they were my exact size 9. I then put on a fresh coat of red lipstick then put my hair up. God I wanted to turn him on and fuck him so bad.

When I entered the study Mr. Stephens was sitting at his desk talking on the phone. He was dressed in an expensive silk robe that made him look very powerful and very distinguished. I still could not believe that he was 80 years old. When he saw me (obviously dressed for fucking), his eyes immediately lit up with hunger as he stood and looked me over from head to toe approvingly.

I could see myself in the mirrors and knew I looked very hot. My ultra-pale freckled skin accented by the bright- red lipstick and the tan thigh high stockings and brown high heel pumps made me look even more nude. He immediately put the call on hold and came out from behind his desk and gave me a very passionate kiss as he ran his hands over my excited ass and my stocking covered legs.

"Very sexy Sara," he said as I untied his robe and let it drop to the floor.

"Oh god, I feel so sexy with you," I groaned as we began to kiss hungrily. We kissed heatedly for almost half an hour, as his hands roamed up and down my stocking covered legs as my hands worked all over his thick, huge cock that didn't seem to stop growing. We kissed and played with each other eager to pick up where we left off from the night before.

After half an hour of sexy kissing he told me that it was my husband who was on the phone on hold. I knew anyone who worked for would have waited on the phone all day instead of hanging up at the expense of fearing what consequences may result from doing so. That's what having so much power and wealth can do for a person. It was so naughty kissing Mr. Stephens as I stood dressed to fuck him in my nude thigh high stockings and sexy high heels while my husband waited on hold.

Suddenly I watched him push the button for speaker and continued talking to my husband.

"Brad, I neglected to mention that Sara spent the night. After dinner we came back to my house and one thing lead to another and it was just too late for her to go home so I insisted she stay the night."

"..Ahh, oh wow... ah I guess that's ok Mr. Stephens," he said in a somewhat confused voice.

"Well Brad, during the evening Sara seemed to be lonely and missing you (he lied as I grind at him slyly),so I wanted to keep her mind off the fact that you are away for a month," he said which made my husband actually thank him.

"Brad, Sara just walked into my study, and I have to say she looks intoxicatingly sexy."

"....Ahh,oh wow that's great Mr. Stephens, and thank you for letting her spend the night. I'm sure it's a little hard for her being alone in LA after just moving there with me being away.

"Brad, you are on speaker phone, so you can speak to Sara. I'll let you both talk while I sit back and take in the sight of her," he said in a deep, resonant voice as his eyes were riveted to my look.

"Oh wow. Hi honey. Mr. Stephens just told me how you spent the night and that you were lonely."

"Hi Brad," I said in a throaty voice, trying to sound like the loyal wife, as Mr. Stephens went behind me and began kissing my neck as he ran his hands across my flat chest and my excited nipples.

"Yes, I was missing you a lot last night (I lied), and Mr. Stephens really helped take my mind off of you," I said, as I reached back to message his huge cock.

"Sara, I'm so glad Mr. Stephens is looking in on you while I'm away. It makes me feel better knowing you are safe, and being looked after."

"Brad, I've never felt safer in my life and more taken care of," I said as I turned my head to meet the tip of his tongue for a naughty kiss.

As Brad talked about the trip I lifted his giant cock to the side and put my palm under his massive shaft and began slowly pumping it. I was going crazy feeling the incredible weight and freakish length of it.

"Mr. Stephens told me he invited you to move in while I'm away, and that he would make sure you did not feel lonely."

"Brad, my house is Sara's house now. I have a lot of rooms here, and she is welcome to use any, or all of them, including my own personal bedroom if she wants," Mr. Stephens said as he kissed my neck and ran his hand across my ass.

"Such a sexy ass," he whispered in my ear as I groaned in a low voice. "You look so sexy Sara. I'm glad you like your wardrobe closet," he said, as he ran one hand across my tits and the other over my ass.

"Yeah, I know your house is huge Mr. Stephens," he said which caused me to look back and slyly at the word huge.

Mr. Stephens then stunned me when he questioned my husband about me.

"Brad, I'm curious. Do you kiss Sara the first thing in the morning," he said in a deep voice that had me a little tense.

"...Ah Sure. Absolutely Mr. Stephens. Every morning," he said in a boyish voice."

"Well Brad, I'm going to continue that same tradition, and kiss Sara every morning to make her feel desired," he said in a stern voice, telling my husband instead of asking for his permission that had me curious to hear how he would respond.

"...Ahhh, well sure Mr. Stephens, I guess that's ok, and if it will make her feel good," he said as Mr. Stephens instantly cut him off in a voice that could cut though a solid wall.

"I'm very disappointed Brad. When I hire someone and pay them as much money as I'm paying you, I expect them to hear my every word," he said in a very stern, angered tone that even had me shacking.

"I did not once say that I was going to kiss Sara to make her feel nice. I said I was going to kiss Sara to make her feel desired," he said in a voice that commanded authority, as his hands ran over my stockings and up the long garter straps while he turned my head to meet my tongue in a sexy kiss.

I was going crazy from his boldness and his power to control and take what he wanted.

"Oh I'm really sorry Mr. Stephens. I did hear what you said and I am happy that you are going to kiss Sara in the morning that way for me," he said in the most sheepish voice, giving permission to the older man.

Again he corrected my husband saying, "I will kiss Sara Brad, but when I do it will be an exciting kiss from me, not you, do you understand?" he said it more as a statement than a question, then added in a voice that was intended to change the stunned silence of my husband, " After all we don't want your sexy wife to be reminded that you are away, especially after just being married. That would only make her lonely for you wouldn't it Brad?" he said in a sly voice to redirect my naive husband.

"What we want is to make Sara feel like I'm the only one taking care of her, as if I'm her husband," he said which caused me to moan as his hands ran over my ass and tiny tits.

Grinning slyly I shook my head and mouthed the words, "You're so bad," as I heard my husband start to laugh like an absolute hyena.

"I like that Mr. Stephens. That's pretty funny."

" Brad I want you to listen to how Sara's mornings will start while you are away," he said then looked at me and said in a deep resonant voice."

"Ahhh..Ok sure Mr. Stephens," he said with a confused boyish sound in his voice.

"You look very sexy today baby, as you do every day. Let me give you a kiss to show you how sexy and exciting you are."

For the next 5 minutes Mr. Stephens kissed me with a deep hunger as our tongues twisted and intertwined with each other's. His hands were all over my body driving me insane, turning me on instantly. As his hands roamed up my stockings and over my long garters then to my ass, I was pumping his giant shaft with my outstretched palm. I was so turned on by his control and confidence that I didn't have a care that my husband was on the phone as I played with Mr. Stephens.

"Brad, Sara's an extraordinary kisser. Not only does she possess the most incredible and thrilling body, but she absolutely knows how to excite a person by the way she can kiss," he said looking at me as I grinned slyly.

He then added before my husband could respond, "You know Brad, your wife is such an incredible kisser and is so sexy I plan on kissing her a lot throughout the day. I want her to feel desired all day long Brad, not just in the morning, just as a good husband wood," he said in a voice that I knew my husband would not say anything that might irate him, especially after he was just lectured on his listening skills.

I also knew that Brad would not go up against Mr. Stephens because of what he had known about his reputation in the business world about having a ruthless personality, and he would not want to feel his wrath.

"....Ahhh....Ummm, I guess that's ok Mr. Stephens. I know Sara must be lonely, and like you said, "You really want to make her feel welcome in your home.

"Very good Brad, and remember while you are away, this is Sara's home.... every room including my bedroom if she wants," he said which made my pussy wet, as I grinned at him with a sly smile.

"Brad, I have to say in all my years of entertaining young woman, no one has come along to excite in the way Sara has, "he said in a deep, resonant voice. He then shocked me by saying, "You know Brad while you are away I'm going to assume the role as Sara's husband," he said which stunned me for being so brazen to my husband.

"...Ummm, Im not sure you have to do that Mr. Stephens," my husband said in a meek voice.

"Dan, I insist. I want Sara to feel desired and to feel safe while you are away, and I'm sure that will make you feel better knowing she is being taken care of by me," he said as pumped his huge, excited cock as it went way past my stockings on my side.

"...Ahh, yeah I guess I do understand Mr. Stephens, and I do appreciate it," he said in a defeated voice.

"Yes Brad, I knew you'd like the idea of knowing I was taking such good care of your young, sexy wife while you are away." He then added in a voice that turned me on beyond words, "Brad, I even plan on getting Sara a new diamond ring this afternoon. I don't want her to feel bad when she looks at hers while you are away, because it will only remind her of you. With my ring on her finger, it will keep her mind off you, and the fact that you are gone," he said as I turned around and kissed him, thrilled by the idea of him telling my husband he wanted me to be his wife.

That day we did go for a ring at the most expensive boutique in Beverly Hills and Mr. Stephens bought me a diamond ring that cost 2 million dollars, and made my wedding ring look like it came out of a candy machine.

"Ok Mr. Stephens, I understand you, and it makes good sense. After all, the main reason you are doing this is because you are so generous, especially giving up your really active social calendar for my wife," he said, being so naive.

When I met my husband I was the same way; very conservative, extremely religious and shy. That all changed when I had that encounter with my brother and when I fucked Brad's father and then his grandfather and now after I met Mr. Stephens. I was now a totally different person.

Seeing myself in the mirror dressed sinfully in stockings and high heels with a lace bustier with long garter straps, I knew no one from my church or community in Alabama would have recognized me, especially my husband. And seeing me wantonly please my 80 year old neighbors huge cock, would have made them all condemn me for being so immoral.

I was now more like every one of the young teens that wanted to get fucked by Mr. Stephens and his huge cock, and I was totally, and without an ounce of guilt, loving the new change in me. .I was a slave to his huge cock, just like every teen that fucked him or the hundreds that waited their turn to fuck him.

I remember the Asian teen Doreen saying that fucking his huge cock and the way he fucked was unlike anything in the world, and that she and all the other teens that fucked him would give up everything to fuck him when he called.

She even told me about a girl she knew who left her wedding dress rehearsal dinner early, because he called and said he was free that night. The only thing in my life that mattered was pleasing his huge cock, weather it was with my hands, my mouth or my pussy. I didn't care that I was a newlywed. I was Mr. Stephens wife now and couldn't care less about my husband. I didn't care if he lived or died I was so obsessed with Mr. Stephens lifestyle and his enormous cock.

I then talked to my husband as I kissed Mr. Stephens and pumped his freakish cock.

"Honey I'm so glad you understand how Mr. Stephens wants to take care of me while you are away. He is so generous, don't you think," I said, then added in a little sarcastic tone, "Especially giving up all the young teens he always has on his arm every day of the week to take care of me."

As I kissed him hungrily my husband said, "Absolutely honey, I understand how lonely you are, and yes it is generous of him to want to look after you this way."

"Oh Brad, Mr. Stephens wanting me to be his bride while you are away will really help me keep my mind off you and from being lonely every day," I said with a sly grin, as my tongue came out to meet his.

"Honey, when I came in you were talking to Mr. Stephens, and I assume it was about business. Why don't I leave you two alone to finish your conversation," I said as I squatted on my high heel pumps and began kissing his huge, angry cock.

"Ok honey, I'll talk to you later. I miss you honey," he said in a boyish voice.

"I miss you too honey," I said pretending to be sincere as I looked up at the incredibly powerful and distinguished 80 year old with a sly grin and began kissing his freakishly huge cock, filling the room with popping sounds of lust, as my pussy was dripping wet to fuck it again.

As my husband went on about the new business and what he had in mind for marketing, I worshiped his giant cock, pumping it with both outstretched hands while I took half his huge cockhead in my mouth and sucked on it as best I could. I could never take more than half his huge cockhead out of fear that I would never be able to close my jaw again. Taking it in the palms of my outstretched hands I began kissing and licking it all over as I looked up at him with a sly grin, mouthing the words, "So Big."

"Brad, hold the line, I'm going to give Sara another kiss before she leaves," he said pulling me up to him as my tongue met his in midair.

"...Ahh...ok Mr. Stephens," he said in a somewhat uncomfortable voice. "By honey I'll call you later," he said in a voice that sounded like a little boy.

"Ohhh baby I need to blow your great big cock so bad....My mouth is dying to suck it," I whispered in his ear as I bent at the waist and lifted his huge shaft.

"By honey, call me later," I said to my husband as my tongue shot out to lick my 80 year old neighbors enormous shaft.

As Mr. Stephens leaned against his desk I turned to the side and stayed bent at the waist and eagerly began worshiping his massive 13 inch cock. I didn't care in the least that my husband was talking to him on the phone, all I wanted to do was make love to his giant cock and please every inch of it. I was consumed with lust to suck him and to please his giant cock. I felt so wanton, so lust crazed for the 80 year old neighbor and his giant, tireless cock, so turned on knowing that a man who had hundreds of young teens wanted to fuck me so bad.

As I continued to lick all over his huge hooked shaft I would come up every few minutes and we would meet for a sexy two minute tongue kiss before I went back to playing with his giant cock again. I knew Mr. Stephens was watching my every move in the mirror across the room.

He was looking at a skinny freckled 20 year old girl with an ultra-flat chest and almost non- existent tits and braces, dressed in a white bustier with long garter straps attached to a pair of tan thigh high stockings and a pair brown high heel pumps, bent at the waist eagerly blowing his 13 inch cock.

I could see the look of lust in his dark, penetrating eyes as he watched my crazed hunger for his giant cock. He was thoroughly enjoying the attention my hot 20 year old tongue was giving his monster cock as he watched me worship his massive pole.

After about fifteen minutes of blowing him wildly I stood and whispered in his ear,

"Kiss me baby... Taste your sexy cock on my mouth."

"Ohhhh yes baby..... You are so fucking naughty Sara....So young and so naughty," he whispered in my ear then kissed my neck before we met in a sexy kiss.

"Mr. Stephens," my husband said out loud after there was a very long pause due to us kissing.

"Yes Brad," he answered in an irritated voice as he continued to kiss me.

"Oh I'm sorry sir I thought I lost you and got disconnected.

"No Brad we weren't disconnected. I was just kissing Sara again," he said in a stern voice. "She's absolutely intoxicating Brad. It's so hard resisting kissing her when she enters the room," he said to my oblivious husband.

"Hi honey, I came back in to let Mr. Stephens know how much I appreciated his taking such good care of me while you're away, especially thinking of me as his wife while you are out of the country for the month, " I said putting on an act of being a good wife.

"...Oh, I didn't hear you come....,"

Before he could finish Mr. Stephens said,

"That's right Brad, Sara came back and when she whispered in my ear I just had to kiss her again, and now that she's about to leave I'm going tell her how sexy she is and kiss her again," he said taking me in his arms and said out loud for my husband to hear," You look absolutely sexy Sara," then began kissing me with a deep tongue passion.

Brad didn't say a word out of fear for the type of man Mr. Stephens was. Immediately our tongues met as our mouths remained opened. Our lips never touched as our tongues played with each other, just flicking at the tips wildly. We tongue fucked for another five minutes as I desperately pumped up and down on his saliva coated monster cock.

After our heated kiss Mr. Stephens stood behind me and began kissing my neck. He was filling the room with popping sounds that had my pussy on fire, and had me groaning softly.

He then went back to talking to my husband as he put his arms around me and said," Brad, having Sara here while you are away is like being on my honeymoon," he said in a sly voice as he kissed me hard.

"Well Mr. Stephens I can only say again that you are very kind to look after my wife while I'm away."

"You mean my wife Brad," he said in an irritated voice that made me wet.

"...Ahh...yeah I meant your wife Mr. Stephens," he said in a meek voice.

"Brad, I have to terminate this call. It's time to focus all my attention on my sexy new bride," he said kissing me hard.

"..Ahh ok Mr. Stephens. "Ahh by honey," he said in a confused voice then quickly added as Mr. Stephens asked him what he just said," Ahh...I mean by Mrs. Stephens."

As quickly as he said it I lifted the phone and dropped it on the receiver and hung it up, or at least I thought I did. I then turned and went back to hungrily kissing him as my hand pumped up and down his giant cock. In my haste to get rid of my husband and to start pleasing Mr. Stephens giant cock I forgot to push the end button on the speaker phone, so my husband could still hear us very clearly.
"Oh god, I'm so hot for you and this great big cock," I groaned out loud, unaware that my husband could hear my every word.

I then bent at the waist again and began biting up and down his massively thick veined shaft.

This caused him to groan approvingly and said, "Oh yesssss baby...that's right baby....just like that baby .....Bite it....Bite that big fucking cock Sara.... Oh yes just like that baby," he moaned as I bit along the length of his massive shaft and over the huge crown.

"So fucking big," I moaned as squatted on my pumps and lifted his huge cock while I continued to bite all over it.

As Mr. Stephens leaned against his desk I looked up slyly and smirked, then whispered,"Ohhhh baby... I love sucking your huge cock. I could suck it all day," I added hotly."

"You're so sexy baby," he said as he looked at me with a sly smile then took in the length of my pale freckled skinny body with my tiny 29AA tits and eraser-like nipples in the mirror while I desperately licked and kissed away on his massive 13 inch cock.

As I was blowing him I glanced at the mirror and almost died as I took in the sight of the two of us. It looked so naughty, so devilish. It was what most people would call morally wrong and repulsive behavior. Here was a skinny 20 year old sinfully dressed in a white bustier with long garter straps attached to a pair of tan thigh high stockings and brown high heel pumps, lustfully stroking and licking the massive, almost grotesque cock of a man nearly 60 years older than me.

When I put half of his enormous cock head in my outstretched mouth I actually came from the sight of it. His huge cock looked so sexy against my snow white freckled skin and in my outstretched mouth. I could see his eyes burning with lust as he stared at me in the mirror as my palms cupped his giant cock and my tongue went insane licking all over it, coating every inch of it with my wet salvia.

At one point I stood and began kissing his hard nipples while my hand slowly stroked up and down in a twisting motion, over and under his massive hooked shaft. I then turned and bent at the waist as his giant cock was wedged between my sexy ass cheeks. As soon as his huge cock went between my ass cheeks he let out a loud moan saying,

"Such a sexy ass Sara."

As my soft creamy freckled ass pressed up against his monster cock I began gyrating my ass slowly up and down and from side to side slightly against his monster cock as it glided between my ass cheeks and went up the middle of my back. As I looked in the mirror I almost came from the sight of his colossal cock as it snaked up my milk white freckled back as it nearly touched my shoulders!

His cock looked so gigantic in proportion to my narrow back. I then crossed one high heel over the other as he ran his hands up and down the sides of my nude thigh high nylons, caressing my long thin legs. His hands felt so exciting going up and down my sheer thigh high stockings and then he used his fingertips to trace around the sexy elastic tops.

It felt so sexy that I moaned in a throaty voice,"Ohhhh god,that feels sooooo fucking sexy baby."

As he continued to play with my legs and nylons I looked in the mirror and saw the depraved look of lust on my face. Seeing us in the mirror I couldn't believe how sexy we looked. Here was a 80 year old man in amazing physical shape who had a massive 13 in cock, standing behind a young freckled skinny 20 year old girl dressed in a pair of sexy stockings and high heels, with skin as white as snow who was using her soft ass as a pair of hands jacking his monster cock with a wanton look of fucking on her face.

As I used my turned- on ass to jack his huge cock, Mr. Stephens then pulled me up, with my back to him and that giant cock wedged against his stomach and my back and whispered,

"Oh Sara you are so fucking sexy baby..... Your sexy ass is driving me crazy baby... You have a magnificent body that was designed exclusively for fucking...The way you dress for fucking is so sexy and devilish Sara."

I then turned my head to the side and met his tongue for a wild flicking tongue kiss as he continued running his hands over my thigh high stockings.

He went on to say, "This big cock has fucked hundreds of sexy young girls Sara, but not one has pleased it like you baby... You are so sinfully young, with the look of a school girl, but you know more about fucking and pleasing a big cock then any girl I've ever fucked."

"Oh god that turns me on," I groaned as I pushed up against his giant cock that was being coated by my dripping pussy. "You've had so many girls," I said in my hottest voice, then added, "I must have seen at least 50 different ones since we moved in a few weeks ago."

"All of them combined don't add up to the way your pussy feels wrapped around my big cock, or the way you fuck Sara," he groaned as his huge cock slid over my ass.

"Oh baby, you know my pussy loves every inch of that huge cock," I groaned.

My ass kept fucking up and down his huge cock and our tongues met for another hot high-speed kiss.

I said hotly, "Oh baby I know you have a cock so big that every girl craves to fuck.... I love your huge cock baby...All I want to do is make love to it and fuck it like every one of your young teens. I want to turn on your huge cock then drain every ounce of hot cum out of it," I snarled as his hands pinched my tiny nipples, sending sparks deep into my pussy.

We kissed again and now his hands were running aggressively up and down my boyish chest and over my tiny rock-hard nipples. My nipples were so sensitive and as hard as nails and as he pinched them and rolled them between his thumb and index finger as he kissed my neck and drove me insane.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck me with that great, big cock of yours," I groaned as I felt him line his huge cockhead up to the entrance of my wet pussy.

"Ohhh yes baby...I'm sooo fucking horny for that great big cock of yours baby...Oh yes baby take my pussy with that great big angry cock and fuck it the way you want. "Reshape my pussy baby. Shape it to fit your great, big shaft," I groaned in a animal-like voice.

Unknown to the both of them was that her husband Brad was listening to every depraved word, trying desperately to piece it all together as he imagined his loyal and conservative wife with the older wealthy neighbor.

"So, did you miss sleeping beside Brad last night Sara while you were in my bed beside me," he teased as he watched me worship his huge cock.

"Who's Brad, "I said in a naughty voice as I looked up at him with a sly grin, showing my gleaming braces. "I loved sleeping in your bed, and feeling this huge cock rub up against me through the night," I groaned as I licked and kissed up and down the length of his massive shaft.

"So naughty Sara," he said with a sly laugh, then added in a dark tone," Not exactly the faithful wife Brad thinks you are."

"Oh yes, I'm very naughty Mr. Stephens. Naughty like all the teenage girls you fuck every day, and as far as being faithful. The only thing I want to be faithful to is this huge cock," I groaned as I pumped it lovingly though both extended hands.

Hearing his newlywed wife talk so freely and using such guttural language about sleeping in the 80 year old neighbors bed and being naughty for him, and even hearing her say that she basically forgot about him ripped through his heart like a sharp sword.

The thought of his faithful, conservative, church-going bride sleeping with and fucking the 80 year old business tycoon shafted him beyond words. And hearing her beg the 80 year old neighbor to fuck her with his huge cock caused him to run to the bathroom and vomit.

When he returned from the bathroom he heard the wealthy older business tycoon say in a commanding voice,

"Bend forward Sara, I have to taste this incredible pussy and ass of yours." "Spread that beautiful ass and let me see that wide-open pussy of yours," he heard the 80 year old neighbor command his wife.

Suddenly Brad heard a loud slap, and then heard his wife groan.

"Oh fuuuck," she groaned in a throaty voice from just having my ass spanked.

"Yes Sara, you like having that sexy ass spanked, don't you," he snarled then spanked me again.

I went crazy when he slapped my ass. His slap sent sparks deep into my pussy that drove me insane with lust. He didn't do this to me last night. It was another side of Mr. Stephens that I did not see, and it turned me on like crazy.

"Oh fuck, that's gonna make me come baby," I moaned as his tongue hit my smoking pussy then went right into my asshole.

Mr. Stephens would suck my pussy then eat my ass, and then every few minutes would spank my ass which made me cum all over his face.

"Such a perfect ass," he groaned as he stabbed his tongue from one wet hole to the other which caused me groan out loud,

"Ohh fuck, thats so good," I groaned as his tongue went from one hole to the other as he spread my ass cheeks with his strong hands.

"Such pale skin Sara. It makes your pussy look so pink," he snarled. "You have the pinkest pussy I've ever seen," he groaned as he kissed all over it.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum," I moaned as my pussy tightened then opened as I came all over his mouth.

"Brad must love the taste of this amazing pussy and ass Sara," he said as he continued to fuck me with his lounge as I came uncontrollably.

"Oh god, he never does that. He's too timid," I groaned as I kept cumming in a flood from the incredible tongue fucking he was giving me. "Oh fuck you're driving me crazy baby," I groaned from the exquisite feeling of his tongue stabbing way up into my ass then my pussy.

"I find it hard to believe your husband doesn't worship your sexy tasting pussy Sara," he said as he kissed all over my pussy, and my ass.

"His grandfather was the first to eat me like you do," I moaned (still unable to tell him about Brad's father and my brother).

"He loved the taste of my pussy too, and ate me for hours, and made me cum like crazy," I groaned out loud as my body continued to tremble from having cum so hard.

Mortified and just hearing that his faithful, conservative wife had been with his own grandfather sexually caused him to run and throw-up again. As he vomited he thought about how his grandfather would send him away on business and have his wife flown to New York. He felt humiliated and used, and that feeling of deep depression washed over him.

After cumming so hard I squatted on my pumps and went crazy stroking his huge hard on.

"Oh god, your cock is so huge. Let me take the edge off this great, big cock baby. I'm so fucking horny for you and this huge assed cock. I woke up so horny for you, but you left the bed. I so wanted to wake you up with me sucking your huge cock baby. I wanted to stroke you off and swallow your huge load," I moaned as I continued to pump his great big shaft.

Back on the bed, curled up in a ball Brad could not believe the guttural language and pleading that came from his wife's mouth.

"There will be lots of mornings like that baby," he said which caused me to groan.

"Let me pump you off," I pleaded as I stoked his massive 13inch hard on. "Put on another big show baby," I pleaded, as I looked up at him with a sly grin as my two outstretched hands stroked up and down the length of his massive shaft. "Put on another big show," I grinned slyly at him as I stroked away at his monster shaft, with absolute disbelief over his staggering size.

"Such a naughty girl Sara," he groaned, as he took in the sight of me as I worshiped his giant, oversized manhood. "So different from the shy, conservative girl I met a few weeks ago," he groaned as his massive cock began to pulse in my hands.

"This great big cock fucked me into the naughty girl I am now baby. "This great big cock," I groaned, as my braces shinned at him. "I'm just like one of your many teens now," I groaned as I flicked my tongue out to lick the flow of pre-cum that started to ooze out of his huge slit.

"Oh no baby, you're in a class by yourself," he groaned as he watched me lick his pre-cum and kiss his huge cockhead. He then added hotly," Who would have thought that after all these years the best pussy I ever fucked would have been right next door.

"The newlywed bride right next door Mr. Stephens," I said with a sly grin that caused him to groan deeply and his giant shaft to throb uncontrollably. "The not-so-faithful newlywed bride," I added hotly.

"Fuck, this huge thing felt so amazing in my pussy," I groaned as my outstretched hands flew up and down his 13 inch shaft.

"You're too good baby....So naughty," he groaned as cum began bursting out of his cock with the force of a fire hose.

For the next two minutes cum burst out, over 10 feet away, splashing on the floor in huge puddles as I looked on in amazement, as I controlled the action with my pumping hands. It was such an amazing sight to see such a huge cock cum so hard and so powerfully and for so many bursts.

After he exploded all over the floor, he pulled me up to him and we kissed hard. Startlingly, his massive cock was as hard as steel, as I continued to pump it along the side of my stocking cover leg.

After cumming for 15 minutes straight from being eaten and having cum so hard from being spanked I begged him to fuck me. He took me by the hand and pulled me to the soft in the study. Pushing me against the arm-rest he lifted my right leg over the arm rest and put my left knee on the sofa. This position had my wet pussy exposed to him.

"Play with your sexy pussy Sara," he commanded as he took hold of his massive cock.

"That's it baby, let me get a nice look at that sexy, open fuck-hole of yours," he growled.

On the bed listening to his wife taking orders from the 80 year old neighbor and doing what he asked without any resistance Brad began to think he was dreaming. This was a person he did not know at all, and he was about to learn a lot more about his 'faithful' wife than he ever thought possible.

As Mr. Stephens watched me reach back and spread my fuck lips and run my fingers along my pussy lips his moans of hunger for me were turning me on like crazy. As he grabbed his giant cock in his hand it looked staggering as it shot out over a foot from where he was holding it at the base.

I swear his cock looked so staggering that it seemed to take up more than half of his taught sexy body! It was already pulsing wildly and pre cum was steadily flowing from his huge cock head.

"So sexy he groaned," in a voice that let me know he was going to fuck me so hard.

As he lined up his massive cock to the entrance of my smoking pussy I covered my mouth to muffle my cries. Ignoring my cries he mercilessly brought that freakish cock past the entrance of my sex starved pussy as I gasped,

"Ohh fuck! ...its sooo fucking huge... I'm cumming already just looking at that great big cock of yours baby...Ohhh fuck!"

Without any concern for me he began feeding that turned on monster into my sizzling hot cunt. I knew from fucking him all night that there was nothing I could say or do if I even wanted him to stop or go slow, which I didn't. He was going wild as each throbbing inch penetrated my overstuffed pussy.

"Such an incredible cunt Sara," he groaned as he continued to feed that freakish monster into my smoldering pussy.

I looked back and cried out in terror as I saw that only an inch or two had actually penetrated my tight opening. I felt like I was being split in two from this giant fuck pole and only a few inches were inside of me!

I was so tense from the thought of passing out that I instinctively lifted the back of my right foot out of my high heel pump to give him more access to my burning pussy. I began to become fearful of what that monster was going to do to me.

"Easy baby, I said through short breaths as I reached back and pushed on his chest to slow him down a little. "I want to fuck you again so bad, but remember my pussy isn't used to fucking something so huge."

"What about Brad's grandfather Sara. How could you forget something so memorable," he moaned as he slowed his pace for me.

"Oh god he does have a real big cock, but nothing like yours baby," I groaned out loud as another freakish inch went up inside me.

On the other end of the phone Sara's husband could not believe what he was hearing. He collapsed on his hotel bed and curled up into a ball again, as he thought about all the times his grandfather had sent him away on business and had flown Sara to New York in his private jet.

"Do you miss Brad's grandfathers big cock Sara," he said in a deep penetrating voice as he continued inching into my smoking pussy.

"Oh god, I did until I saw and fucked yours baby. I used to go home after the weekends of fucking him so depressed that I had to go back to Brad, and especially when I had to fuck him. His dick was so tiny compared to his grandfathers, and he was so lack-luster when he fucked me, it got me so depressed."

"All I wanted was to be with his grandfather. I hated coming home to Brad after being fucked all weekend by his grandfathers big cock. But, then after a few months he started fucking Brad's sister Clare. The second she turned 18 he had her on his private jet to New York."

"Wonderful. His own granddaughter," he said as he pushed deeper into my welcome fuck-hole.

Hearing that his own sister was fucking his grandfather and that he was so well endowed made him go into a deep depression. His sister Clare was an absolute knockout by all mens standards; he himself had imagined fucking her in his private fantasy's hundreds of times. She was blond, with blue eyes, and stood 5'8" tall. She weighed 110 pounds and had an incredible body. With perfect 34DD-21-33 measurements and the biggest pair of long, wide nipples her body stopped traffic. At 16 she had already won all of the local and state beauty contests.

He himself had saved hundreds of photos of his knockout sister in different bikini's and high heels from all of the pageants she had been in, and had exploded thousands of times while looking over them in his bedroom.

His grandfather had bought her a new 100 thousand dollar Mercedes for her birthday and had flow her to New York. She stayed a week before she called her parents and told them that she was moving in with her grandfather and that she was going to work as his personal assistant.

That same day as she was looking out the penthouse window of the affluent Manhattan cityscape dressed in a pair of brown high heel pumps with tan thigh high stockings getting fucked from behind by her grandfathers huge 12 inch cock she called her boyfriend and told him they were through. As soon as she hit the end button her grandfather took the phone and threw it across the room. As soon as he threw the phone she turned he head to meet his flicking tongue as he pounded into her velvet pussy with his 12 inch shaft.


As I looked in the mirror I could not believe the freakish sight at seeing over 10 inches that were waiting to split my pussy wide open and the most frightening part was the huge 8 inch hook that was waiting to tunnel its way into places that no one has ever been before!

As he ran his hands up and down my stockings and reached for my tiny tits, his giant cock continued its merciless assault on my pussy, tunneling its way into my hot opening angrily, determined to bottom out as he fucked so unbelievably hard. My right high heel began clicking on the floor and I actually shuddered and came all over his huge cock, as cries of lust shot through every inch of my turned on body, and filled the room with scorching lust.

At that point it was just too much cock for me to take. I began to plead, "Oh baby your cock is too fucking big. Let's take a little break. I promise you'll own it in a few minutes baby, I just need a little rest from cumming so fucking hard."
"Ok, a brief respite baby," he said in an almost agitated voice.

After my pleading he pulled it out which caused a loud popping noise that echoed in the room. I was shocked to look back and see this huge opening at the entrance of my pussy! We took a break and kissed heatedly, playing with each other as we lay next to each other on the sofa. As we kissed my hands kept pumping his giant, now irritated cock while his played with my throbbing pussy.

After a while he took me by the hand and spun me around and resumed his attack on my stretched-out, 20 year old pussy. We were now standing with me bent over the back of the sofa while he fucked me from behind like a wild man. Each threatening stroke of his huge cock filled the room with loud slapping sounds as the wide base bottomed out deep inside me. I felt his huge ball sac hit the bottom of my pussy with every menacing stroke. The smacking of his huge balls against the bottom of my cunt sent me into orbit as I came all over his massive, 13 inch shaft.

"Oh fuck,'' I groaned as I filled the room with sounds of lust.

He began running his hands up and down my thigh high stockings and began fucking me harder and harder. As his huge cock filled every inch of my flaming pussy I began using my turned on ass to meet each one of his long deep angry thrust. I crossed one of my high heel pumps over the other which caused my sexy ass to stick out more.

I could tell by his groans that he enjoyed the new angle and moaned,

"Oh yes baby, that's real nice...That ass looks so fucking sexy as your taking my big cock so deep in that incredible pussy of yours." he snarled as he fucked me so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

He kept complimenting me on my sexy ass as it stuck out perfectly from crossing my stocking covered legs while I stood in my high heels. I couldn't stop cumming from this wild position as I finally took every delicious inch of his giant pussy pleaser.

Every time he drilled back down and bottomed out, I came so fucking hard that tears were coming out of my eyes. Mr. Stephens continued to thrust that monster cock way up into me, causing his huge hanging balls to slap the bottom of exposed clit. This feeling caused a new set of eruptions to explode inside of my sex starved pussy.

Although I was shrieking and cumming with every penetrating thrust, what I was really loving was that I knew I was driving my 80 year old neighbors huge cock insane, and that he loved the way my sexy ass looked while his oversized monster cock disappeared all the way up into my hot, pink pussy. I was so turned on knowing that I was driving a man who fucked hundreds of sexy young teens crazy. I absolutely loved giving Mr. Stephens my pussy.

While he pounded that big angry cock into me he began pinching my tiny nipples. He was making me moan as he rolled, twisted and angrily pulled on my little eraser-like nipples through his fingers. As he fucked and played with my turned on nipples he moaned in a low dark voice and told me how sexy they were and how much he loved playing with my little girlish tits and that I had the sexiest pair he's ever seen.

He then thrilled me by saying he has fucked hundreds of different teenage pussy's and none were as sexy, and felt as good wrapped around his big cock as mine did. The feeling of his huge cock stuffing every inch of my tight 20 year old pussy, while he played with my turned on little nipples, while telling me that I had the sexiest pussy he'd ever fucked caused me to cum real hard all over his giant shaft.

As I came I began grinding my turned on ass onto his giant sexy cock, going crazy as I felt it way up inside me.

He was groaning wildly and began saying,

"Oh fuck that's good baby...Oh yes, fuck onto my big cock Sara...Use that wild ass to jack my big horny cock baby."

At one point he said with a sly laugh,

"So baby did you get this kind of fuck from your husband? ...did he stretch your sexy young pussy apart the way this 13 inch cock is doing right now baby?"

That's when I lost it and turned around and snarled,

"Oh fuck, you know your cock is ten times bigger than his tiny cock, and even a lot bigger his grandfathers big dick." I then blurted out in a voice that stunned me," You're even bigger than Brad's father."

"Well, well, the more I fuck you the more I learn about you Sara. I knew when I first met you that there was a lot more to the innocent young wife next door.

...To Be Continued...

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